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Notional is a leading Cosmos ecosystem validator, currently operating and contributing code on 30+ chains.

Our validators are operated on-site with hardware maintained and monitored by an in-house team 24/7.

We Build Web3.

We Build Cosmos.

Whether you need security audits, infrastructure support, software engineering, or consulting - Notional Labs is here for you.

  • Security audits
  • L1 builds
  • Decentralized applications
  • CosmWasm
  • Relaying and endpoints (RPC nodes)
  • Going to market
  • Testnet bootstrapping

Our Clients

Notional Labs has an on-site team of experienced engineers building around the clock to launch secure projects and beyond. Our offering includes consulting initial ideas, security audits, tokenomics development, go-to-market advice/strategy, L1 blockchain engineering, relaying, marketing support and more. Set up a call with our team today to see how your project can benefit from Notional's unparalleled expertise.


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