Node InfrastructureNotional Labs has grown significantly since its inception; becoming one of the preeminent infrastructure providers in the Cosmos. A series of key lessons helped us grow and shape our team, as well as build our reputation and trust with our delegators, partners and clients over the last two years. A list of these lessons has been summarized as case studies for prospective partners and clients to review.
IBC RelayingNotional provides best-in-class relaying and connects dozens of chains via the IBC (inter-blockchain communication) protocol. You can find out more about Notional’s relaying setup here. We provide IBC relaying as a service (RaaS) to clients with high-traffic channels.
First Responder TriageNotional is the go-to firm when an emergency arises in the Cosmos. Our team were among the first to respond to various critical incidents in the Cosmos network, including the Terra crash, Dragonberry exploit, and chains being halted for maintenance and various security issues. We have team members on shifts 24/7 to ensure availability at all times and rapid response.
ValidationNotional provides public and private endpoints. Please contact us if you need bespoke endpoints and we can provide this as a service.