Node InfrastructureNotional provides state of the art node infrastructure, including archive nodes, fast nodes, indexers, snapshots, and more.
IBC RelayingNotional’s relaying setup is best-in-class and connects dozens of chains via IBC (inter-blockchain communication). You can find out more about Notional’s relaying setup here. We provide IBC relaying as a service to clients with high-traffic channels.
First Responder TriageNotional has a strong track record in putting out fires. Our team were among the first to repond to various incidents in the Cosmos network, including the Terra crash, dragonberry, and chains being halted for maintenance.We have team members on shifts 24/7 to ensure someone is always available to respond quickly.
ValidationNotional provides public and private endpoints. Get in touch if you need bespoke endpoints and we can provide this as a service.