Consulting & Cosmos SME (Subject Matter Experts)Our organization has one of the most experienced teams in the Cosmos interchain ecosystem. We thrive on solving time sensitive and mission critical issues for a variety of SDK built projects. Notional has aprofound understanding of its clients’ needs and responds with professional urgency to all problems and issues always rising to meet every challenge no matter how difficult. Our expertise will be your greatest asset.
Security AuditsNotional provides comprehensive security audits that deliver reliable and extremely valuable feedback to project teams. Our audits are comprehensive and include thorough manual reviews, not automated programs. We provide extensive follow up and fixes to security issues as they’re uncovered.
VC and Private Investment SourcingNotional is a reputable, highly regarded firm within the ecosystem and has connections with multiple high net worth individuals and organizations dedicated to the growth of the Cosmos ecosystem. We are happy to partner with innovative and disruptive projects that will enhance the Cosmos. Our stamp of approval cannot be bought - we will only endorse projects we truly believe to be secure and innovative. Contact us if your project fits this description and you require investment, we look forward to working together.
Testnet Validator BootstrappingNotional believes governance is a critical aspect of a successful blockchain. We have a long history of participating in all facets of governance, earning us an enviable reputation in the Cosmos for our commitment to securing blockchain governance and encouraging participation far and wide. We monitor closely for validators with superior code contributions, dedication and skill. We do not engage with bad actors and are able to provide a top-quality lineup of validators to bootstrap your testnet.